Law Enforcement

Marcelo Cavalcanti Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (MCBJJ) is a revolutionary defensive tactics system based on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that incorporates time-tested techniques into an easy-to-learn system designed to help officers humanely prevail against larger and stronger opponents. Active-duty law enforcement professionals, as well as military personnel and first responders, can access the MCBJJ.
After the UFC took the world by storm in 1993, people all over the world realized that MCBJJ was the only system that would give someone a realistic chance against a larger, more athletic opponent. Shortly thereafter, in response to requests by law enforcement officers, the MCBJJ Family extracted the simplest and most effective techniques to address the most common threat situations facing law enforcement professionals.
The MCBJJ System an encounter between a law enforcement professional and suspect is vastly different from a street fight or a sport jiu-jitsu match. Yet, some defensive tactics programs make no distinction. MCBJJ system is the fastest growing defensive tactics program in the world because it is the only “jiu-jitsu based” program that is 100% law enforcement applicable that has also been proven in actual combat by US military troops around the globe.