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New Class Schedule Starting February 11, 2013.

MCBJJ is proud to announce a first ever Jiu Jitsu class taught in Brazil’s native language, PORTUGUES!

The purpose of this class is not just learn proper techniques but to educate ourselves in the basics of Portugues.

Go Train and See You in the Mat!

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The 10th Adult Belt Ceremony and Workshop

Please join the MCBJJ family at 6PM to celebrate Professor Marcelo’s accomplishment as he ascends to the rank of 3rd Stripe black belt with a great training session with our students, MCBJJ black belts plus SPECIAL BLACK BELT GUESTS. Following that we will have a Special Jiu-Jitsu Workshop and Adult Stripe and Belt Ceremony.

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Another Successful In House Tournament!

Congratulations to all the winners at the MCBJJ 7th Kids In House Tournament!

The MCBJJ Academy would like to thank all of the students that competed and participated in the 7th kids in house tournament! Also a big thank you to all of the parents and instructors that made this day possible!

We would also like to congratulate the adult student that participated in the three super fights. Congratulation to Kevin, Max, and Jessie for winning their matches! Great job!

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The 7th MCBJJ Kid’s In House Tournament

The MCBJJ Academy would like to remind you to come join its 7th Kid’s In House Jiu-Jitsu Tournament this weekend Saturday, September 1st! This will be a Gi only competition. Make sure to register your kids on time! Registration fee is $30 for kids all levels.

The tournament will take place at the Marcelo Cavalcanti Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy located at 441 East Carson St., Carson, California 90745.

Weigh ins start at 9:00AM with the first match taking place at 10:00AM.

There will also be adult super fights in the blue, purple, and brown belt divisions.  So make sure to come support your team and enjoy an all around great day!!

If you have any further questions about this competition please contact the MCBJJ Academy at 310-722-4999

Denny Choi’s Berkeley Acceptance Dinner

Come join the celebration Friday, August 10th, 2012!

The celebration will begin at the MCBJJ Academy at 4pm for open mat. It will be an extended open mat from 4pm to 7pm before meeting at Greenfield Steak House in Long Beach at 7:30pm. So come support your loyal teammate and friend!

For more information contact the Academy.

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MCBJJ Belt Promotions

Congratulation to all the MCBJJ students that received promotions!

  • Sam Oh received his purple belt. Congratulations keep up the hard work!!
  • Sud Doss received his second stripe on his purple belt.
  • Jerardo Moreno received his second stripe on his purple belt.
  • Marlon Mercado received his first stripe on his purple belt.
  • Thomas Luu received his third stripe on his blue belt.
  • Justin Kaono received his second stripe on his white belt.
  • Richard Naval received his second stripe on his white bet.

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